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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it necessary to be a Notabene customer to enroll in the courses?
No, our "Travel Rule Foundations" course is freely available to all. For more advanced courses such as the "Jurisdictions Deep Dive" and the "Travel Rule Fundamentals Certification" program, both Notabene customers and non-customers can enroll upon purchase.
With the variety of courses offered, where should a newcomer start?
We suggest beginning with the complimentary "Travel Rule Foundations" course. For those interested in deeper knowledge and obtaining certification, we recommend the regional training program, "Travel Rule Fundamentals Certification [NB-TRFC]".
If I am interested in a topic not currently offered, how can I suggest it?
We value your input and invite you to submit your course suggestions via email to Our curriculum team will evaluate your proposal for potential inclusion.
Can I focus on a specific region in the "Travel Rule Fundamentals Certification [NB-TRFC]" program?
Yes, in the "Travel Rule Fundamentals Certification [NB-TRFC]" program, you can choose to focus on regions such as APAC, EMEA, or the AMERICAS, each tailored to the specific regulatory and market dynamics of the area.
If you wish to gain expertise in multiple regions, standalone courses are available to purchase to broaden your expertise
Whom should I contact in case of billing issues?
For any billing-related concerns, please reach out directly to our finance team at, and our finance and operations team will gladly assist.
Are there any cost benefits for Notabene customers regarding certification?
Existing customers might have specific entitlements, including a number of included certificates. It's advisable to discuss this with your Client Service Manager (CSM).
What options are available for enrolling larger teams?
For teams requiring more extensive enrollment, we offer customized solutions. Please contact us at to discuss your needs.
May I share the course content with colleagues?
While sharing the insights gained from our courses is encouraged, please respect Notabene's copyright by not redistributing or reselling the content. Refer to our Terms of Service for detailed guidelines.
Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the courses?
No, our courses are designed to be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their educational or professional background.
Do I need any specific software to take the courses?
No specialized software is required. Our courses are compatible across various operating systems, including mobile platforms, ensuring easy access.
Is there a deadline for completing the courses?
Our courses are self-paced, allowing participants to progress according to their own schedule without any imposed deadlines.
Is passing an exam required to earn the certificate?
Yes, participants must successfully complete quizzes within each module with a score of 100%, with up to ten attempts allowed for each quiz.
How long is the certificate valid?
Issued certificates display the date of issuance and are valid for a two-year period.
What kind of a time commitment do I need to finish the certification?
On an average for a full certification you would need 2-2.5 hours. The free Foundations Course is about an hour. Jurisdictional deep dive add-ons about 15 min.
Are the courses accredited by educational organizations?
While our courses are not accredited by formal educational institutions, they are developed by industry experts in collaboration with global regulators, ensuring high relevance and practical application.
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